Hindutwa only before elections?

The Bharatiya Janata Party simply known as BJP, officially claims its ideology to be Hindutwa (Hindu Nationalism).
But it seems like the Hindutwa of BJP is seasonal and they only remember it when an election is coming, otherwise they are no better than so called pseudo-secular parties.

Recently, Delhi BJP leader, Dr. Harsha Vardhan openly supported the Supreme Court Judgement of banning the sell firecrackers in Delhi NCR. This is nothing but pure hypocrisy of BJP, because they claim of being Pro-Hindu but when it comes to protecting the Hindu rights, they are nowhere to be seen. Instead the BJP is cheerleading those who are taking away the basic rights of Hindu community.

It is an irony that when the supporters and cadres of BJP are against the Judgement the leaders of the party are supporting it. We believe the BJP should clarify its stance on the issue as soon as possible.

Surprisingly when the leaders of self-proclaimed Pro-Hindu party are either silent or supporting the judgement, it is a leader of alleged Anti-Hindu party Congress, who has spoken up against the judgment. Former Delhi chief minister, Sheila Dixit has termed the judgement as disappointing.

Today we have some straight questions for the BJP.

1- Does The BJP also believe that all the pollution in India is only caused because of firecracker bursting on Diwali?

2- If the BJP is against the Firecrackers so much as suggested by the tweet of Dr, Harsha Vardhan, then why are they not finishing the job of Supreme Court by putting a ban on the Firecrackers completely. Or does the firecrackers cause pollution when burst on Diwali only?

3- The BJP speaks about poors, do they understand that because of this judgement, poor firecracker makers are going to be directly affected?

4- Is the BJP government at a position to provide employment to all those poor firecracker makers, who are likely to get unemployed after this judgement?

5- Will the leaders of BJP also speak up against the pollution caused by loudspeakers of Mosques? And pollution caused on Bakr-Id, because of mass killing of animals?

6- What right does the BJP have to call Congress Anti-Hindu? When it is the Congress which is opposing the judgement against the Hindus while it is your leaders who are celebrating it.

Seems like the BJP is slowly shifting away from its Hindutwa agenda. And because of this they might have to face the same fate as they did in 2004. We all remember how, Shining India campaign fell apart. And one of the main reasons behind their defeat in 2004 was their abandoning Hindutwa back then. The identity of BJP is their Pro-Hindu stance, and they should maintain their unique identity at every cost.