Hoardings warning against religious preaching, comes up in Tamil Nadu village

Strange hoardings warning people from religious preaching have surfaced in Tamil Nadu’s Alangulam village near Tirunelveli. The hoardings suggest that no religious preachings would be allowed in the village and if instructions are violated, action will be taken against the violators by the villagers.

The motive behind these hoardings is believed to prevent Christian missionaries from allegedly entering the village and organising conventions and prayer meetings as can be seen in nearby villages and in the hinterlands of Tamil Nadu. However, this is the first time such hoardings have come up in villages.

It is being speculated that well known Tamil Nadu based Hindutva outfit, The Hindu Munnani could be behind the hoardings. The doubts over the group grew stronger when they shared the images of the hoardings on their twitter with cryptic message, “Awakened Hindu community… For the 36 years of Hindu Munnani”.

When reached by the media, Hindu Munnani supported the hoardings saying that Christian missionaries are trying to propagate their religion in the state, especially in the southern part of Tamil Nadu, and that villagers have had an “awakening”. Though the outfit absolved itself from the episode and have put it on the villagers. However, they have claimed that this is no doubt an achievement for them for their 36 years of work.

Interestingly, when a Twitter user named ‘Ram’ asked the group if they could distribute the hoardings across villages, the group said, “It’s not the matter of just putting up boards. It should come by awareness, the people by feeling should arise. It’s Hindu Munnani’s work.”