Honor those who remain unmarried, cancel the voting rights of those who produce more than two children: Swami Ramdev

Triggering a fresh controversy, Yoga Guru and Patanjali brand ambassador, Swami Ramdev has said that those who remain unmarried like him should be honored. He further said that the voting rights of those who produce more than 2 children, should be canceled. “Those in this country who remain unmarried like me should be specially honored while those who produce more than 2 children should be deprived of voting rights,” Swami Ramdev was quoted saying.

A yoga instructor of International fame, Swami Ramdev is not new to controversies. He earlier had claimed that yoga can reduce the number of rapes incidents in the country.

Couple of years before he faced flak for launching an herbal drug called “Divya Putrajeevak Beej” which translated as “Divine Son-Bearing Seed” under his brand Patanjali Ayurved. The drug claims to help women conceive sons. Later, the opposition demanded the medicine to be pulled from pharmacy shelves.

Various Hindu nationalist organizations for long have stressing on Hindu couples to have more kids for the sake for society, the Hindu culture and the Hindu civilisation.