How a kangaroo Court of Dravidian-Marxists announced verdict in a serious case of cheating

Apologies before the elders, regrets and a fine of Rs 3 lakh is all that a Dravidian kangaroo Court ruled against Parai (a traditional drum instrument) artiste, Sakthi, who has been accused of impregnating a woman and later abandoning her. Sakthi, a Dravidian Marxist himself, recently made headlines after marrying ‘honour killing’ survivor Gowsalya Shankar.

Shankar married Sakthi after announcing allegiances to Dravidian-Marxist, in a ceremony that to many seemed more like a gathering ceremony of people adhering to one perticular ideology. The marriage ceremony took place at Thanthai Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam office in Coimbatore, last month.

The marriage was touted as “triumph and assertion” against caste system by a section of media and activists. The couple vowed to annihilate caste and also claimed that they would provide succour for inter-caste couples and those who married for “love”.

However, shortly after the much hyped marriage, various serious allegations against Sakthi started making rounds on the Internet. A Chennai based woman accused him of impregnating and later abandoning her. It was also alleged that Sakthi along with Gowsalya had tried to convince the woman to terminate her pregnancy against money. Several other women also came forward with similar allegations against the artiste.

As the controversy seemed to be escalating, two famous Dravidian leaders, Thiyagu (who himself was accused by highly acclaimed Tamil lyricist Thamarai of abandonment) and Kolathur Mani initiated a probe into the matter themselves.

As the charges against Sakthi were found to be true by the investigation, a kangaroo Dravidian Court asked him to apologise before elders of the movement. While Gowsalya was asked to express her regret for failing to condemn Sakthi’s act. Sakthi was also ordered to stay away from playing Parai for six months and a fine of 3 lakh rupees was imposed.