How did Hindus react during the Kerala Floods?

There were two brahmacharis who wanted to enter the life of a Sanyasi. Their Guru was not sure about their preparedness for Sanyasi-hood. So he told them to visit their home once again before deciding. He also told them to stay away from companionship of women, since being able to restrict physical desires is one of the requirements of being a Sanyasi. The brahmacharis left the Ashram to go to their house which was on the other side of the river. Just as they were about to cross the river, a beautiful woman approached them and asked them for help to cross the river. She did not know swimming and there was no boat nearby, by which she could cross the river. One of the brahmacharis instantly lifted the woman and started crossing the river. The other was shocked that his friend had disobeyed the Guru. After they crossed the river, they silently trudged on towards their village. Finally the second brahmachari could not bear it any more and he asked the first one accusingly, “How dare you touch a woman; our Guru had expressly forbidden us from coming to contact with any woman.” The first brahmachari smiled and said, “I dropped her off at the river bank; why are you still carrying her?”

When the floods started in Kerala, there was a section of Hindus who said that this was a result of the bad karmas accumulated by Keralites – the slaughtering of a helpless, innocent cow on the streets, eating its meat with a view to hurting the feelings of the Hindus who worship the Cow, questioning the age old practices at Sabarimala, trying to siphon off the wealth in the AnanthaPadmanabhaswamy Temple, massacring RSS workers brutally, and more such violent acts. The Hindus were hurt, insulted, dejected, angry and also frustrated that they were not able to prevent such ruthless acts.

The woman in the above story was the burden of anger and frustration that the Hindus had. But when the crisis deepened, they knew instinctively that they should not be attached to this anger and frustration – they had to cross the river. The woman was now someone to be helped. And help Kerala, they did, with will fervour. Praise for the RSS is coming from all quarters. Hindus all over the world are donating generously for the Keralites in their troubled times. And have they differentiated between Hindus and non-Hindus? Not at all!

So then who is the other brahmachari in the story? It is the apologistic Hindus like those in ‘TheNewsMinute’, people who supported their story like @ShilpiTiwari, people like @Dhruv_Rathee who spread fake news about the help given by various BJP ruled states – basically people who are still carrying the burden of anger & frustration felt by some Hindus. It is not enough to just talk about loving everybody irrespective of caste and religion – you have to live it.

Why are these people not talking about the Christians (even Pastors) who blamed the Hindus for the flood? Why are they not talking about the caste discrimination done by the rich Christians on the Dalits in Kerala even in this troubled times? Or even talk about Shashi Tharoor? Blaming the Hindu who got angry for a moment but dropped off his anger to do his duty sincerely, reeks of bias. The truth is that Hindus really believe in Universal love but don’t use it as a slogan to convert people into their ‘religion’.

I would really like to give a big round of applause to people of all castes, religions and nationalities who united to help mankind. I also would request them to treat animals also as God’s creatures and shower their help and love on them too. Jai Hind.

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