How Kejriwal is changing Student Politics for ever & for worse!

Students beaten by AAP and CYSS

Detailed Report by a Delhi Student

The Delhi University Students Union, generally abbreviated as DUSU, is the umbrella student organization at the University of Delhi. The University of Delhi has a long history of student political activity. DUSU elections are considered the most high profile student union elections in the country as they provide an opportunity to enter directly into local and national politics. Arun Jaitely, current finance minister, was a member of DUSU. As it is an introduction of Democracy and Election to Students, the importance of DUSU is not just for Candidates but also for the Voter who learn how things work in real world once you are out of simple life of school and college.

Arvind Kejriwal Ji who was selected by huge mandate by Delhi Voters on the promise of clean politics and a hope of creating an avenue where a common man will be heard were expected to do a lot for the City Capital State but as it turned out he proved no better than other regional parties. What came as a surprise is not that he has failed to bring the positive change which he promised but the fact that Arvind Kejriwal is doing everything to make the game dirtier for everyone involved and the citizens.

Normally Big Leaders from Political Parties have stayed away from Student Politics (Though they back some or the other Student Wing like RSS/BJP supports ABVP; Congress supports NSUI) so as to not involve students in dirty games played at State and National level which involve permutation and combination of Castes, Subsidies, money and muscle power. Student Elections have been allowed to have a much simpler approach with student unions gathering funds and creating posters/brochures and discussing agenda with students on the ground and in college campuses. This is how it has been since a very long time and no desperation has been shown by Political Parties to get involved directly in student elections.

This year also was supposed to be same and ABVP announced a much welcome change as per the guidelines of RSS and BJP that they will keep the elections environmental friendly and will stay away from spending huge amounts in posters. The mandate was to go almost paperless and spread awareness about environment about elections. This was a relief for students and university.

But do good things don’t stay forever?

Alas we had Arvind and AAP supported CYSS (Chhatra Yuva Sangharsh Samiti) this year fighting the election!

Given the fact that Arvind Kejriwal only agenda in life (EK HI MAKSAD!) is to show himself and to the world that he is better than Modi and can win over Modi, Arvind could not ignore student elections.


Chatra Yuva Sangharsh Samiti (CYSS), the student wing of AAP, organized a rock concert at Talkatora stadium on 1 Sep 2015 which was attended by party’s top brass leaders including Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, his deputy Manish Sisodia, Kumar Vishwas and Dilip Pandey. For the first time in the history of DU Election, Students witnessed the DIRECT ENTRY OF DELHI CM in a Rock Star Manner and in a Rock Concert at Talkotora Stadium.High profile celebrities like MTV Roadies judge Raghu Ram, rock fusion performer Vishal Dadlani and singers Jasleen Royale and Shilpa Royale.


This Big Bang Event not only shocked other Student Wings such as ABVP and NSUI but has also shocked Old Delhi Students such as myself. Never have we witnessed such a huge event that too in a stadium for student elections. Everyone is clueless how Arvind has managed so many funds just for students elections.  Anyways, People protested but apparently the way people and media react to anything done by anyone remotely associated to RSS is inversely proportional to the way people and media react to anything done by anyone remotely associated to Arvind Kejriwal. Since last one year controversial, immoral and unethical actions by AAP and Arvind Kejriwal have been ignored as if the whole nation and media is blind folded.

The student politics has changed forever!

Post the Mega Bollywood Event all thought the worst is over but then started coming the News that Arvind Kejriwal and CYSS are promising over 1 Lakh Jobs to Students. What??? How in the World can a Government Promise 1 Lakh Jobs to student that too in Private Sector. This is one of the biggest eye wash by Arvind Kejriwal to make fool of gullible and needy student who may not yet be aware of reality of job market. How low can it go? How can AAP promise Private Jobs (That too not 100,1000,5000 but 1 Lakh!!).

By hook or by crook, Arvind wants vote!

The next news which shocked the City was how AAP MLAs have been allowed to enter Class Rooms of Delhi University freely to promote CYSS and AAP. So the students who were studying in classes were now listening to AAP MLAs. Will AAP Government allow BJP to do the same? Will Media let go off BJP if they behaved in a similar manner.

As I said, Delhi Student Politics has been changed forever.

The last straw was the News that CYSS/AAP Goons have beaten up other Student Unions Representative. National Student’s Union of India (NSUI) presidential candidate Pradeep Vijayran alleged that he was attacked by Chatra Yuva Sangharsh Sansthan (CYSS) members at PGDAV College in south Delhi.

Students beaten by AAP and CYSS

Just before that CYSS also man handled some other students who were not supporting them which resulted in  a clash out between ABVP and CYSS at the Campus Law Centre where certain students were injured. The violence seems to have hit the campus hard as student bodies take to Twitter and Facebook to talk about the violence.

The two old timers — the ABVP and NSUI have alleged that the entry of AAP’s student wing CYSS has triggered such violence at DU.

“Earlier too NSUI used to indulge in money and muscle power but CYSS beats them all. Bringing MLAs to campus and then fighting with people is all that they do,” said Rohit Chahal, ABVP national secretary.

My biggest fear is when a Student Wing is openly supported by State Government with all Muscle Powers, MLAs, CM openly and brashly, they will bulldoze over other Student Wings and hence somewhere in my heart I know that after investing so much money, goons and publicity along with fake job promises AAP and CYSS will win. The question is, will it be morally correct? Will it better Delhi? Sadly, it will change Delhi for worse.

Last Hope – Students see through Arvind Agenda and supports ABVP and VOte on 1144!