How the hitlerian newspaper ‘The Hindu’ brazenly promoted holocaust denier Audrey Truschke


Some hypocritical or ill-informed people might take offense at calling The Hindu as Hitlerian or Audrey Truschke a holocaust denier. But here are the factual basis for it. Hitler’s party was called the National Socialists and that is the expanded form for the NAZIs. The Hindu, or it’s inheritance-privileged owners, proudly call themselves socialists. So you can judge the NAZI connection for yourself.


Any genocide rightly ought to be called a holocaust and it cannot be a restricted privilege that can be granted only to a few chosen peoples of the “books”. The genocidal extermination of Native Americans, Native Australians and many native populations of Asia and Africa are all genocidal holocausts without a doubt. When somebody brushes aside these holocausts or does not even acknowledge them they are rightly termed as holocaust deniers. This is exactly what Audrey Truschke did at the socialist newspaper organized “literature” festival The Hindu Lit Fest 2019.


As an aside, but as an important note, it is crucial that the readers firmly register in their minds that almost all fascist regimes were socialist-communist (the Left) and/or Christian (including many communist dictators). To highlight a few examples, it is known that the genocidal-communist Stalin profusely quoted from the bible. Even Pinochet considered a pro-market (a.k.a. right wing) fascist dictator was a staunch Catholic Christian. Given all this brutal and bloody barbaric history, the White Europeans cannot have any humanitarian credibility to stand on nor any moral authority to hold on to to poke their snot-filled noses into others affairs or history. In spite of such a poor and shameful standing, these Europeans not only drip their snot over others they often go around maligning others as Hitlerian, fascist, right-wing, anti-minority, etc.

It is like a serial mass-murderer sitting as the judge over a docile cow for eating the grass on the neighboring field.

Simply outrageous – people who ought to be judged if they are humans at all in the first place are sitting as judges over everything under the sun. Is this what they call as human rights? Is this civilization? Is this modernity? Is this what westernization leads to? Shame on the humans unable to stand up to the tyranny of vampire-empire-scale blood lust and parasitism disguised as civilization.


Going back to Truschke and her fans at The Hindu Lit Fest 2019, let us recount what happened there. Truschke was giving an un-moderated talk on her latest controversial book on Aurangzeb and the so-called research behind it. Among-st many well-known claims of hers in the book and elsewhere and repeated at the talk was that the Mughals bulldozed only about 15 temples in all. Of course, she does not provide any details of using a scientific methodology at how she arrived at it. Not even a tabulation of the known archeological sites nor any set of validated criteria for inclusion or exclusion in the list of 15 she has magically spun. Actually, whether she can even list that 15 sites is a huge question. Her only and repeated claim was that she was a “trained historian”, whatever that means in relationship to scientific methodologies.

She was then asked about if she had any moral right to undertake such an unscientific position and carry out research on topics of others’ history while her ancestors and race (European White Christians) have effectively exterminated entire races of natives from Australia to Africa to the Americas. Instead of answering it straight on, she ignored the hundreds of holocaust her ancestors and country has been directly and brutally involved in and repeated the “trained historian” remark. She is clearly a holocaust denier by any genuine moral standards.

When somebody denies not one but hundreds of holocaust they effectively support the repetition of such holocausts and genocides again. Is it moral and right for such people to be given academic respect, position and more importantly a platform to spew unscientific hatred? Apparently, she has claimed the pro-Hindu activists as Hitlerian. What could be more Hitlerian than her multi-holocausts denial? Is it not also criminal to take a position that will effectively (denying past holocausts will embolden potential perpetrators in the waiting) support the repetition of and / or risk future holocausts and genocides? Is it freedom of speech and media freedom for The Hindu to be able to conduct such propaganda in the name of Lit Fests?

Who will bell these fascist leftist cats? Does the governments across the globe have the moral and ethical spine and nerve to act? Do these nations, with such atrocious histories, even have a right to sovereignty as it continues to risk the global population’s survival (for example, as recently demonstrated in Rwanda for which the guilty church’s pope apologized)?

To add to the details of the Lit(ter) Fest events, the person who questioned Audrey Truschke on the genocides and holocausts was booed by the traditionally genocidal Left audience present there, threatened of ejection by N Ram the infamous captain of the Left cabal and manhandled by security working for The Hindu.

Now you know who the real fascists and Hitlerians are. These Leftists were the one, are the one and will be the one. Unless appropriate measures are taken humanity is at the risk repetition of many further holocausts and genocides at the hand of the slavish sepoys of the white men.

Real humans, who are against genocidal holocausts, beware: You are surrounded by people who boo anti-holocaust protester in support of pro-genocide propagandists.

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