Huge Protest March at Kolkata Against Rohingya Muslim Infiltration.

The illegal Rohingya muslim infiltration is a growing concern for India. The central government has said that the illegal Rohingya infiltraters will be pushed back from the Indian soil though any concrete action towards that is yet to be seen. On the other hand the state governments seem to be divided on the issue with chief Ministers of the states like West Bengal openly advocating to give Rohingyas refuge.

Among all this a growing sense of insecurity regarding the Rohingyas is observed among the common masses. Yesterday at Kolkata, Nationalist Hindu citizens took out a protest march against illegal Rohingya infiltraters. The protesters demanded to send the Rohingyas back to whare they came from. The march started from Cossipore and ended at Shyamabazar. Hundreds of people participated in the rally organized by Hindu right wing organization, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and its youth wing Bajrang Dal. A lot of people who don’t belong to any political side also participated in the protest march because they also felt the Rohingyas to be a threat to India and Hindus.

There were a few mosques in the route of the rally and that’s why huge numbers of police personnel were deported to avoid any kind of crashes. Though the protesters did not tried to create any kind of chaos or tension instead they carried the protest march in a very disciplined manner, following all the rules, regulations and were fully co-operative with the police and administration. Something which might not have been the case if it was a protest march of some peaceful community.

A still of the protest march peacefully passing by a mosque.

During the march the protesters shown very good courtesy when they turned off the loudspeaker and stopped slogans for a funeral procession passing by. Being a news corospondent I witnessed a very beautiful moment when I saw the street childrens along the streets also raising the slogan of “Jai Shri Ram” following the protesters. Corospondents from, Republic TV, Zee News, Aaj Tak were also present at the site to cover the protest march, but they may not have aired the news about the rally because the media of our country don’t like such peaceful marches.

It was nice to see people finally hitting roads for the safety, integrity and unity of the nation.