Hundreds including physically disabled flee an Ashram in Jharkhand, after receiving death threats from Muslim mobs

According to media reports, as many as 400 people from 50 Hindu families have fled an Ashram in Jharkhand, after receiving death threats from Muslim mobs belonging to nearby areas. The Ashram provides shelter to people with physical disabilities.

Police protection has been provided to the Ashram. Yet the fleeing of its residents doesn’t seem to be ending. The local Muslim rowdys have allegedly threatened that once the police protection is withdrawn, they will kill each and every of the Ashram residents. MLA Pavan Agarwal has reached the Ashram to give assurance to of the safety to the people living in and around it.

Reshmi Mahto, a resident of the Ashram said, “Because we are people with disabilities, every few days these people (Muslims) target us and carry out atrocities against us. They overpower us and beat us up. 8-10 women were injured yesterday. Despite police presence, some are still threatening us. They say that police will protect you only for a few days, after which we will come inside your house and kill you.”

Communalism tensions triggered in the nearby areas, after a child went inside the Muslim area today recover his fallen kite. Albeit the initial feud mm resolved without much wrangling, it later took a violent turn with stones being pelted at the Ashram. The Ashram residents alleged that first the Muslim men came to boast of their prowess that no can harm them, and later pelted stones. Following the incident, the residents of the Ashram reached out to police and lodged a complaint.

The women of the Ashram have further alleged that the Muslim men from nearby area, hurl lewd comments at them. Burma Mines police station in-charge has said that the police is doing its best to provide safety to the people.