Hypocrisy of Aamir Exposed!! Here’s How You Can Support The Cause of Dangal Without Actually Watching It

Dangal releases December 23, 2016. Aamir Khan, the so-called “perfectionist” hero of Bollywood is appreciated by many for his brilliant acting and making meaningful movies like Lagaan, Rang De Basanti and Sarfarosh. He also made one on religion (PK), where he portrayed ills of one religion (Hinduism) and conveniently and deliberately avoided the ones from so-called “Secular” religions, probably because he belongs to one of them.

Lets talk about his super hit movie – 3 Idiots. It was a great movie and I remember enjoying it in a Multiplex in Bangalore. It really made my day extremely special. But then, I knew that 95% of the story of 3 Idiots is “inspired” (read copied) from Chetan Bhagat’s popular Novel Five Point Someone. The names of characters played by R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi and Aamir himself in novel were Alok, Hari and Ryan. In Movie, they were named Ranchoddas Chachad, Farhan Qureshi and Raju. Neha Cherian and Prof Cherian in the Novel represent roles played by Bommen Irani and Kareena Kapoor as Viru Sahastrabuddhe and Pia respectively.

As far as writer Chetan Bhagat is concerned, 4 of his books have been adapted in the form of movies. He has received his due credit from the other 3 Producers/Directors of movie for using his stories.

  1. Hello was made from the Chetan Bhagat Novel “One Night @ the Call Center
  2. Kai Po Che is a loosely adapted version of the Chetan Bhagat novel “The 3 Mistakes of my Life
  3. 2 States is made from Novel of the same name, again by Chetan Bhagat

But the 4th One, probably Chetan Bhagat’s best book, was Five Point Someone: What not to do at IIT! 3 Idiots is blatantly copied from it. Even specific scenes are copied from specific incidents articulated in the book.

Did the so-called “perfectionist” Aamir Khan gave any credit to Chetan Bhagat for the story? The answer is a Big NO! Aamir Just plagiarised the story and created the movie without Giving credit to original author of the story. When Chetan Bhagat claimed the same, this is how, he was treated by the so-called perfectionist and the self portrayed “most professional hero of Bollywood”.

After making 3 Idiots Chetan Bhagat’s story, instead of giving him his due credit, Aamir blamed him instead. He called him names & accused that he was hungry for Publicity. For those, who have read the novel, One can feel that Aamir Khan and writers of 3 Idiots are the one who has plagiarized the story for publicity and to earn money as it is 90-95% the same story. Aamir Khan created so much pressure on Chetan Bhagat to accept that 3 Idiots was not inspired from Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone that Chetan Bhagat had to apologise. However, he maintained that it was a copy from his novel. All those, who have not read 5 Points Someone, we request you to read the masterpiece from Chetan Bhagat and compare with the story of 3 Idiots.

So this so-called “perfectionist” has charges of plagiarism (copying without credit to the original author) and threatens and intimidates them with his power and blames the original writer instead! when he himself is earning money and publicity through stolen story of someone.

These were the “writers” of movie 3 Idiots:

3idiotsWhereas the other 3 movie’s producers have given due credits to Chetan Bhagat for using his work:


Now, coming to Aamir Khan’s latest movie about to be released this weekend – Dangal. Dangal is based on the life of Wrestler Mahavir Phogat and how he inspired his daughter Geeta Phogat to become a Wrestler. She went on to become the first Indian woman to ever qualify for Olympics n 2012.

dang1Here are 10 more reasons on why one should avoid Dangal considering Aamir’s activities of past.

This Engineer Was A Hardcore Fan Of Aamir Khan; But The 10 Reasons He Gave For Not Watching Dangal Are Simply Awesome !!

I also found some tweets by ultra modern feminists abusing right wingers as “Sanghi goons” and saying that she would watch Dangal as it is about a female wrestler Geeta Phogat.

That was when I decided to weigh in with reason #11 for not watching Dangal. Two questions to all these people, who want to watch Dangal because, it is about a women Achiever Geeta Phogat are:

  1. Have you ever seen a Wrestling Match of Geeta Phogat?
  2. Have you ever seen a Wrestling Match of Mahaveer Phogat?
  3. How many Women Wrestling matches ave you ever watched (Those “wrestling matches” from WWE and TNA don’t count)?

Most liberals are supporting Dangal as it is based on a woman achiever. What “women empowerment” will watching Dangal bring? Dangal will only fill Aamir Khan’s pockets, who has been accused of ditching Chetan Bhagat of real credits and, if this movie becomes successful, he might also ditch Mahaveer and Geeta Phogat of theirs.

If you really want to support the real cause, why not not watch Dangal and donate the ticket’s cost to Mahaveer and Geeta Phogat directly instead? Even if 1,000 people donate a ticket money to the Wrestling Federation of India instead of watching this movie (Dangal), The WFI will have enough for a new wrestling ring, where female wrestlers can be trained and we can have more Geeta Phogats in future.

Below is the contact list of Indian Wrestling federation. You can contact them and donate the ticket money of Dangal to the real cause instead of watching the movie, provided you agree with the facts presented here.


Also, below is a change.org petition to voluntary request donation of money to Indian Wrestling federation instead of watching Dangal, which will also serve real purpose of improving the quality of facilities and the lives of Indian wrestlers like Sushil Kumar and Sakshi Malik, who can win Olympic Medals and bring laurels to the country.


Say no to Dangal; Donate to the REAL cause.

Jai Hind