मैंने 18 सालों तक लालू को वोट किया – पर क्या मिला । पढे पोलियो पीड़ित लड़की के पिता की आपबीती

I have Voted for Lalu Yadav for 18 years - what have I got? A Polio Affected Girl asks

The election in Bihar is about to start and as usual so of the #PRESSTITUTES from the mainstream media have made it a fight between Nitish and Modi Ji on the lies they made in Delhi every time forgetting that the time our Hon. PM fought none of them could stand in front of him.

However this time it’s Bihar election and to be frank majority of the people are thinking it to be a close fight. Some of the residents of Bihar when spoken to gave the opinion on why they would vote for NDA.

In sweltering 35 degrees celsius, 16-year-old Arti Kumari limped bare-feet for three kilometres from school in Uksi village in Sheikhpura.


“If I wear chappals I fall,” said the girl afflicted with polio. She wants to be a teacher.

Behind her were a group of girls in the same blue and white uniforms as Arti. All of them aspired to be a doctor, except Julie Kumari who said she wanted to be a singer. All of them walked three kilometres to school each way. They said they were “happy with Nitish Kumar as he had given power and roads”.

 In a village in the Tarapur assembly segment, in the naxal belt of the state, Shailendra Yadav, a truck driver, said his daughter walked eight kms to school. He was angry with JD-U’s sitting MLA Neeta Chaudhary, the wife of the party’s candidate Mewalal Choudhary, and had made up his mind to go with what he called a “BJP wave”.

It’s not that Nitish did not work for Bihar but the problem is he has taken help from a person named Lalu who is famous in Bihar for scams in fact was ever imprisoned for one of the cheapest scams where this person did not leave animals.