“I promise to put a cap on his head and a whistle in his neck,” said Akbaruddin Owaisi about Prime Minister Modi

Firebrand AIMIM leader Akbaruddin Owaisi on Monday launched a scathing attack on the Prime Minister over his ‘Mai bhi chowkidaar’ campaign. All BJP leaders including PM Modi and several Union Ministers changed their names on Twitter, adding the prefix ‘chowkidaar’ (watchman) to it. Modi launched the BJP campaign on March 16, to counter Rahul Gandhi’s ‘chowkidaar hi chor hai (watchman is a thief)’ jibe at Modi. Rahul Gandhi used the phrase while making accusations of corruption in the Rafale deal.

“Kaisey vote dete ho. Kabhi chaiwala ban jata hai, kabhi fakir ban janata hai, kabhi nalo mein se gas nikalkta hai. Arey aap dekho, accha chowkidaar hai, pehley jab chaiwaley boley they toho mainey bola tha ketli mai dunga, chai ka patti mai dunga, abhi bhi bol raha hu agar chowkidaari ki itni khwaish hai toh aja, sar par chowkidaari ki topi aur galley mein seeti mai pehnaunga (How do you vote for him? Sometimes he is a tea seller, other times he is ascetic, sometimes he takes out gas out of sewers. When he said he is a tea seller, I said I will supply the teapot and tea leaves to you and now if he really wishes to be a watchman, I promise to put a cap on his head and a whistle in his neck),” the younger Owaisi said as public cheered at a rally in Hyderabad.

“I’ve seen on Twitter, ‘Chowkidar Narendra Modi’. He should also mention ‘Chowkidar’ in his Aadhaar card and passport. We want a PM not a ‘Chaiwala’ or ‘Pakodewala’,” he added.

This is not the first occasion when Akbaruddin made controversies due to his speeches. In fact he even had to face court trials for making derogatory statements about Hindu gods during his speeches.