I-T dept claims 281 crore racket after raiding Kamal Nath Kin, brother-in-law Deepak Puri allegedly involved in converting 242 crore rupees to dollars using bogus bills

After income tax raids on the premises of aides and relatives of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath, the Central Board of Direct Taxes claimed it had detected “widespread and well-organized racket of collection of unaccounted cash of about Rs 281 crore”, including transfer of Rs 20 crore to the “headquarter of a major political party in Delhi”.

In a statement mailed Monday night, the CBDT said the searches were carried out by 300 I-T officials at about 52 locations in four states. It claimed these searches “yielded unaccounted cash of Rs 14.6 cr so far, besides 252 bottles of liquor, few arms and hide-skins of tiger”.

The CBDT, without taking names, said: “Part of the cash was also transferred to the headquarter of a major political party in Delhi including about Rs 20 crore which was moved through hawala recently to the headquarter of the political party from the residence of a senior functionary at Tughlaq Road, New Delhi.”

“The searches in Delhi in the group of a close relative of the senior functionary”, the CBDT said, have led to seizure of “incriminating evidence” including cash book recording unaccounted transactions of Rs 230 crore, siphoning off money through bogus billing of over Rs 242 crore and evidence of more than 80 companies in tax havens. Also, several unaccounted/ benami properties at posh locations in Delhi have been detected, it claimed.

Meanwhile, diaries seized from Kamal Nath’s brother in law, Deepak Puri report reportedly revealed that the Moser bear group which is owned by him was involved in converting Rs. 242 crore of money to dollars by raising bogus bills.

The seized diary suggests that nearly Rs.242 crores were transferred to five ‘shell’ companies owned by Parasmal Lodha. A Kolkata-based company was also used for infusion of bogus capital to the tune of Rs.125 crores. Reportedly, Moser Baer group also bought shares worth Rs.250 crores through shell companies from Mauritius. The diary also reveals that Deepak Puri had allegedly collected money from various sources to get it converted into dollars through issuing bogus bills.