I urinate and defecate on tricolor, F*@# the constitution: Controversial leftist social media figure Roddur Roy abuses PM, HM and the Nation

Controversial leftist author Roddur Roy who is well known for his abusive and vulgar videos on social media, apperantly has now crossed all the limits of decency. In a video which has surfaced recently, the author can be seen abusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah in the most vulgar language possible. He however doesn’t stop there but further goes on to say that he “urinates and defecates on the tricolor.”

“F*** India, f*** constitution, f*** tricolor,” he can be heard in the video. As with any other video of Roy, the entire clip is filled with vulgar language from beginning to the end. From whatever was audible in the video apart from abuses and cuss words, it appeared like Roy was talking about the clashes that erupted between police and migrant labourers in Ahmedabad around three weeks ago.

In the video, he repeatedly refers to the Prime Minister and the Home Minister with cuss words such as “Bhen**** and Mada*****.” He then claims that he fears none.

Roddur Roy is a controversial figure who rose to fame by making abusive parodies of popular Bengali songs, especially the ones that are regarded sacrosanct by the people of Bengal such as Rabindra Sangeet. Instead of facing any repercussions for his actions, he kept getting popular with his obscenity and vulgarity amongst a section of the youth that apperantly leans to the left of political spectrum.

The things took an ugly turn when during Vasanta Utsava at Rabindra Bharati University, an institute named after its founder, some students were found singing Roy’s distorted and vulgar version of a well known melody authored by Tagore himself.

The incident caused a huge furore and a section of the Bengali intelligencia was forced to speak up against him. Some cases were also filed. But no concrete actions against him were observed in subsequent days.

Going by his actions, many espoused that he may be a psychopathic patient. However that doesn’t seem to be the case as he is an author and has been captured in photographs with many well known political leaders of intellectuals of West Bengal on numerous occasion. Hence it may not be wrong to say that he is perfectly normal man and his actions are well intentioned.

With Roy hitting a new low, it remains to be seen whether he is finally made to pay for his deeds or his free run continues.