I voted to Narendra Modi for Ram Mandir, but my wish is still incomplete

In 2014, Narendra Modi was my only hope. Being a Hindu in a Hindu Majority Country Lord Ram is still residing in a broken Hut.

Minority Appeasement done by the previous Government’s had shattered many Indians. Moreover, scams were breaking the Indian economy. In this situation Narendra Modi was the only hope. The BJP in its Election Manifesto 2014 had promised to try to build a Ram temple in Ayodhya within the Constitution’s framework if it came into power.

“BJP reiterates its stand to explore all possibilities within the framework of the constitution to facilitate the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya,” said the manifesto released.

“We have put it in the section on “Cultural Heritage. What is culturally important for us we have said,” Joshi said referring to the promise on Ram Temple. He said that the issue had been included in the previous election manifesto too and the party’s stand remained unchanged. Dealing with Art 370 in the chapter on Jammu and Kashmir, the manifesto said “the BJP reiterates its stand on the Constitution provision and will discuss this with all stakeholders and remains committed to the abrogation of this article.”
(Reference: Indian Express)

The same was promised in the 2017 UP elections, where again BJP came into power under Yogi Adityanath. It’s been more than three years since Modi is in power and there seems to be no progress. Everytime there is a hearing on the issue, it gets a new twist. Sometimes the hearing is put on fast track and sometimes Supreme court suggests to solve the issue outside the court. While, sometimes there are just made up stories.
Playing with the sentiments of Hindu’s and securing Ram Mandir issue to get votes will happer BJP’s image. Congress did minority appeasement and now BJP is doing Majority appeasement. It seems if Ram Mandir Construction does not start before 2019 elections surely Narendra Modi led BJP government would fail to get a big mandate as 2014.