IIT Madras Invites Controversial Amnesty International With institute Funds

In recent days, IIT Madras is in news for various wrong reasons including decline in international ranking.

It was also in news for Mega protests at IIT Madras over recitation of Sanskrit song; students say Tamil anthem should have been sung as quoted by TimesNow. The actual truth as per offline discussions with many IIT-M Students was there was a small protest by local Dravidian gang(Not Students and outside Campus) picked up by media and portrayed as IIT-M Students.

To add fuel to that the Prof Shivakumar (Dean Students IIT Madras) has approved arrangement of the lecture of controversial Amnesty international with institute funds. Last year Bengaluru police has filed a sedition case against Amnesty International.  IIT Madras fully funds the EML. The EML comes under the purview of Dean Students.

Amnesty International was also exposed for their pro extremist activities recently by UP Police.


They were also doing anti national activities by provoking software engineers of IBM on things like Hyper Nationalism and demanding donations for support of separatists of Kashmir exposed by our editor with pics of the event.

EXPOSE : Amnesty Visited IBM Office to Collect Money In Name of Women Rights and Then This Happened

Director of Amnesty International India is a known anti national and his hate for majority Hindus and India is allegedly proved many times.

Amnesty’s Aakar Patel refuses to apologise for ‘reprisal attacks’ statement

Lastly, Amnesty had endorsed the “Bharat ke Tukde Tukde” JNU Gang and did a event in their Bangalore campus advocating separatism. They were ripped apart by Arnab in his show.

WOW: Watch Arnab Ripping Apart Urban Naxals of Amnesty Bangalore Demanding AZADI

IIT Madras, under the leadership of Prof Bhaskar Ramamurthy, has tradition of inviting controversial anti national speakers like Teesta Setalvad. In 2014, student fought with administration for giving space only to hardcore anti national elements.

Do such alleged anti nationals, who endorse separatism openly needed to be invited Prestigious educational campus like IIT-M?

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