Illegal Bangladeshi muslims attacked Hindu devotees in a temple at Kolkata

Kolkata: A very disturbing incident has taken place here at Kolkata on Saturday. A mob of illegal Bangladeshi muslims attacked on Hindu devotees in a temple near Sarbamangala ghat at Cossipore area of Kolkata. According to the witnesses some local kids were disturbing the devotees practicing rituals at the temple because of which people scolded the children, and told them not to disturb. The children ran away after being scolded but returned with a mob of grown up men who then charged on the devotees. The mob did not even spare women devotees and physically man-handled them.

A priest of the temple identified the leader of the mob as MD. Kalam a local muslim from jyotinagar. “There was this kalam and more people they were a lot in numbers, I got scared and ran away to seek help from locals when I returned they were gone, there were 15- 20 people “ said the priest.

A Hindu shopkeeper and his wife who run a small shop in the temple premises were dragged out of their shop by the mob and were seriously assaulted.

“My daughter-in-law and son were dragged out of their shop and were beaten. My son was bleeding. We’ll sell the shop and leave this place “ said scared mother of the shopkeeper.

FIR has been lodged against the mob at Cossipore police station. Local leaders of Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad rushed to the spot after the incident to support the victims and provide them assistance.

Still of FIR copy filed against the mob.

Sarbamangala Temple is a famous temple at cossipore area of Kolkata and is nearby the Sarbamangala bathing ghat on the banks of ganges. Cossipore and it’s nearby areas have a significant amount of Muslim population and many of them are illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators.

The local or national mainstream media is doing everything in their power to suppress the news. A rise in communal incidents in West Bengal has been observed in recent years. Very recently communal clashes between two communities broke out at Cooch Behar District of West Bengal after Beef was thrown inside a local Goddess Kali temple.

Special Thanks to Shri Sushil Kumar Singham Ji for the videos.