Is illegal land-grabbing by the Christian Churches destroying urban public spaces, rural nature and forests?

A version of this article originally appeared in HinduPost.

Entire acres of corporation land (Besant Nagar, heart of Chennai), mountains (Acharapakkam, near Mel Maruvathur) and streets (Adyar, Heart of Chennai) appear to have disappeared!

Be the judge for yourself. Please see below the pictures that we have received.


This land purportedly belongs to the Corporation of Chennai on Besant Nagar Beach, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA. The Church is a tiny structure as one can see, marked on the image by Google.

The below image shows that the entire multi-acre site is now under the occupation of the Christian Catholic Church.


Note that there is a Pentecostal Mission building marked as located on the 2nd Street on the map. Then see the state of the 2nd Street in the next picture.

The entire 2nd Street has gone missing. What you see below is that the 2nd Street has been fenced, gated and illegally occupied by the Christian Pentecostal Mission.


How an entire hilltop belonging to a Ganesha temple and Shiva temple is being swallowed by illegal occupation by the Christian Catholic Church. This is Acharapakkam Hill.

Here is a petition by a concerned citizen:

An external (non-SatyaVijayi) video related to this:

In the year 2002 (way back as well it was an illegal land grab) — one can see dense green forest cover to the west.

In the year 2014 — the structures on the east have exponentially expanded in the spread, with forest green on the west cleared to build structures. The hill is becoming a desert.

This hilltop was lush and green when under the temple to which it belongs:

A version of this article originally appeared in HinduPost.