How Illuminati MYTHS and MEMES are ruining Tamil Nadu youth and stopping development

‘A lie can travel half way around the world while truth is putting on its shoes’. In today’s world where ignorant people take Social media influencers seriously, the lie travels triple the speed while the truth is always looked at as a conspiracy theory!

Tamil Nadu has been drenched under the Corporate conspiracy theories and thereby creating a boogey that Illuminatis control people’s lives. This thought cloud has been imposed on to the people by influencers with vested interests to create confusion in the society. The very thought that someone else controls your life, makes you powerless and you start looking upto leaders who claim to fight against these “Corporate Illuminatis”. Any new development has been met with criticism, fear that it’s the corporate’s plan to kill Tamil culture.

This all started with the Jallikattu protest, where there actually was an agenda to kill off the native bulls to promote corporate dairy in the country. The massive protest regulated the sport and created awareness about the native livestock’s importance. But on the flipside, it has created an avenue for attention seekers to achieve stardom in quick time. The avenue is being exploited by social media influencers as their gullible audiences believe in the stories they spin. For them, a meme featuring their favorite star beats any factual data. YouTube channels are leaving no stones un-turned in their quest to ‘revolution’. Content low on facts, high on emotions are used to trigger the innocent people of Tamil Nadu..

What they stand to gain out of it? YouTube views, subscribers and money. What the society stands to lose? Sanity, productivity, health, peace of mind. A whole generation of youngsters, drunk with the thought that someone controls their lives, will eventually become sad, depressed, will have a victim based mindset and lose all their talents. This is a vicious game being played out by leaders with a political agenda for gaining momentum in their race to 2019 elections. The perils of such a campaign? The public will lose faith in government, Supreme Court and a potential complete breakdown of the society.

Take for example the Kudankulam Nuclear project:-

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KKNPP), developed along with Russia, is the single largest nuclear power station in India. The plant right now generates around 2,000 MW power and once completed the plant will become the largest nuclear power generation complex in India producing a cumulative 2 GW of electric power. This sort of electricity generation takes India in the elite league of superpowers.

If you were an informed citizen, you’d meet this sort of development in your backyard with rejoice and pride. But how did people of Tamil Nadu react? The innocent people were triggered by baseless rumors about the safety of the plant by leaders who were allegedly paid by foreign remittances to stop India’s upgrade to super power. The protests stopped after Dr APJ Abdul Kalam voiced his support for the project.

Call for protest against Jindal Steel and power:-

“The next plan to kill Tamizhan is ready! Salem to Chennai air services is to kill off Tamizh culture to promote the corporate Jindal Steel and power” Wait we have more.

Call for ONGC to leave Tamil Nadu:-

You still believe that there’s a genuine fight for righteousness and Tamizh pride? Have a look at this image! This says  “Until ONGC doesn’t leave Tamil Nadu, the protests wouldn’t stop.” And calls out for students from colleges to protest!

Neduvasal project is one example of how vultures encircled innocent, gullible people for their vested interests. A music director actively participated in the protest with the people of Neduvasal against the project. This had “allegedly” nothing to do with the fact that he was turning into a full time actor. Hey any publicity is good publicity, right?

The current Sterlite Copper protests also look like going down the same road. Innocent Tamils are being fed with misinformation to get them on streets and protest against an expansion of a copper smelting plant. This expansion, when it goes through, will enable the plant to produce 8 LTPA (Lakh Tons per Annum) from the current capacity of 4 LTPA. Copper is a very important metal used in any country’s defense sector. This move makes India a self sufficient country in terms of copper production and can also pave the way of producing weapons at home.

Another development to be proud of, an expansion that brings your city more jobs, improves the economy of the town, improves the standard of living. It’s being met in the same manner as the Kudankulam Nuclear project. People are being assembled to protest against the corporate who plan to ruin the state for money.

When you have innocent, gullible people, you can start off a protest in the following steps:-

Step 1 : The modus operandi of starting such a protest is with meme pages, the narrative of someone plotting/scheming against Tamils is subtly pushed.

Step 2 : The next step is whatsapp forwards, which triggers Tamil pride, does the rounds. These forwards usually end with “Tamizhana irrunthal share pannavum” meaning “share it for you are a true Tamil”.

Step 3 : This is where the next layer of influencers walk in : the YouTube channels. Half-baked content which suit the agenda of pushing the fear “Tamils are in danger/neglected” are made to get viral. By now around half of the crowd are made to believe in a completely non-existent danger. This innocent crowd takes the onus upon them to create “awareness” and spread the misinformation to the remaining ones.

Step 4 : This is where the Twitter celebrities step in.  Twitter is where fools try to look intelligent! This is where these misinformations get validated, and people perceive lies to be true as a verified Twitter handle had just tweeted about it. Little do they know that these “intellectuals” seldom do any research on the tweets they make, most of the times it’s the enforced camaraderie they try to strike with journalist with leading dailies. This “favor” gets them good connections and helps them in their need.

Step 5 : Almost by now, majority of the population have already believing in the lie, and it’s now where the next huge influencer comes in. A political persona who wants to gain mileage out of the situation starts talking about it, and voila we have a protest manufactured in no time!

The current Sterlite protest too has been manufactured in the above manner, by spreading misinformation that the plant causes cancer in the region. One emotionally manipulated protestor claimed that her son had a kidney stone because of the plant and wanted it shut down. When we try to reason such people with facts, the immediate reaction one gets is “Whatever be it, respect my Tamizh sentiments. Support me if you’re a true Tamizhan.”

It’s high time people become more aware of how such protests happen and realize that they’re just pawns in the greater scheme of things! If we remain ignorant and believe that “Illuminatis are plotting to kill Tamil culture” we’ll be on the streets digging up our own graves.