This Imam Has Openly Challenged Zakir Naik For Something He Might Never Agree For !!

Imam Tawhidi who is known as the Imam of Peace has now called out another Islamic scholar by the name of Zakir Naik for a live debate. Imam Tawhidi always held the belief that some people are misinterpreting Islamic scriptures in order to mislead Muslim youth into terrorism.

“Greetings Zakir Naik @drzakirofficial I invite you to debate with me LIVE on my claim that Islam is infested with Extremists & Extremist ideologies taught by our most sacred books. I’m calling for reform of teachings, including yours. Should you accept the debate, Email me” tweeted Imam Tawhidi this morning.

Imam Tawhidi is famous for his moderate teachings of Islamic scriptures and he is an advocate of reforms in Islamic society. His views and teachings are in contrast with radical and extremist teachings of Zakir Naik. Because of his peaceful and moderate teachings he has been on the radar of extremists from a long time. The radicals of Muslim community physically assaulted him several times and since 2017 he was forced to go into hiding twice.

The extremist have also forced Australian television channels to censor the speeches and teachings of Imam Tawhidi because of which he very soon will launch his own international news platform called The National Independent. His news platform will have a separate department for investigative journalism into Islamic extremism. It will also telecast peaceful and moderate interpretations of Islamic scriptures by Iman Tawhidi which will be different to the radical teachings of the likes of Zakir Naik. He had supported the Indian Government’s move of revoking the passport of Zakir Naik.

Imam Tawhidi is an Iran born Australian Muslim who belongs to the Shia sect. He believes that Muslim society needs reforms and has been one of the most outspoken voices against Islamic fundamentalism from the Muslim community in recent years. He had also called for the shut down of those Islamic schools and mosques which preach radical ideas.