Imam Of Peace Asks for 10 Thousand Retweets to Visit India in 2018; Target Accomplished Within Few Hours

“Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam,” is a line we hear after almost every Islamic terrorist attack. But people have now started doubting both the saying and those who say so. People have now started raising questions such as, if terrorism has nothing to do with Islam then why Muslim religious leaders don’t speak up against it openly and issue fatwas like they do about other issues? Though the doubt of the people may be true to a certain extent but there atleast is one Muslim religious leader who not only speaks against Islamic militancy but is also trying his best to fight it. His name is Imam Shaikh M. Tawhidi.

Tawhidi is an Iran born Australian Imam who belongs to the Shia sect. He is well known for his moderate and peaceful views because of which he is called the Imam of Peace. Tawhidi is currently one of the most outspoken voices against Islamic fundamentalism from the Muslim society. He constantly preach against radical Islamic Fundamentalist groups such as ISIS whom he consider to be Anti-islamic and against Quranic teachings.

As an Australian citizen he is very patriotic and often warns the country about growing Islamic fundamentalism. Very often he can be seen on Australian television channels representing the moderate Muslim voice. He also often writes for the Huffington post.

He is someone who doesn’t believe only in words. According to his website Imam Tawhidi is very soon going to launch his own online media platform named The National Independent, which will cover international news. The National Independent will have a separate department for investigative journalism into Islamic extremism. It will also telecast peaceful and moderate interpretations of Islamic scriptures by Iman Tawhidi which will be different to the radical teachings of the likes of Zakir Naik.

Recently he made a tweet questioning if he has an audience in India. He asked for 10k retweets on his tweet before January, and if the target is achieved, he would look forward to visiting India:

Surprisingly, in just few hours he received 10 thousand retweets which showed how much people of India are fond of this Imam of Peace.

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