Imran Khan expresses doubts about the existence of Jesus Christ, says no mention in History

Since assuming the office of Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan has made it a regular habit to make controversial and often unsubstantial remarks. Whether comparing himself with the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler, or saying that Kashmir is occupied by India, Khan has been on the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

And now, adding another feather to his cap of controversies, Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed serious doubts about the very existence of Jesus Christ.

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad, while addressing the nation which includes a small fraction of Christians also, Prime Minister Imran Khan informed that there is no mention of Jesus Christ (Hadrat) Esa in history. He made this statement to emphasize on the importance of Prophet Muhammad in world history.

“There is no mention of Hadrat Eesa (Jesus Christ) in any books of history” Imran Khan was quoted. He also added that, while there were some evidences to prove the existence of Moses, but history completely lacks any reference to Jesus Christ. Moses is one of the most revered prophets in Judaism.

However due to this uncalled for statement just weeks before Christmas, Imran Khan faced much backlash from Pakistan’s intellectual class.

Later his party, Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaf came out to defend his statement, saying that he is being quoted out of context.