Imran Khan refuses to condemn the atrocities on Muslims in China, says he doesn’t know much about the issue

Pakistan likes to project itself as the messiah of Muslim people all across the world and often speaks up about the issues concerning the community even it has rarely anything to do with it as a nation. But the same Pakistan has chosen to remain tight-lipped about atrocities unleashed on Uighur and other Muslim communities in China by its authoritarian communist regime.

In a recent interview with the financial express, Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan appeared very uncomfortable when asked about his views about the atrocities on Muslims in China. Clearly dodging the questions, Imran says that he doesn’t not have much knowledge about the issue as there is not much on the papers about it.

This reaction of the Pakistani Primer is surprising and perhaps even shocking considering the fact that in 2018 the Gilgit Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA), a local administrative unit in the region controlled by Pakistan, had even passed a resolution demanding the federal government in Pakistan to take steps to release over 50 women allegedly detained in China.

Pakistan in many ways is dependent on China, which is why it is perhaps difficult for the former to be condemn the later. However experts believe that Pakistan’s silence over the situation of Muslims in China, could hurt its credibility within the Muslim world.

Uighurs are a Turkish descent Muslim community in China, who have had a discontent with rest of the country’s population on religious, cultural and ethnic factors. The discontent in past years has taken a extreme form, forcing the Chinese authorities to crackdown heavily on not only the Uighur Muslims but on the Muslims within its territories in general.