Imran Khan the liberal? According to ex-wife Reham, he is a bigot who abuses Hindus and other non-Muslim communities in private

Pakistan’s incumbent Prime Minister Imran Khan, many believe is the most liberal personality to hold the office, perhaps ever since its inception. However, if Khan’s ex wife, Reham Khan is to be believed then that all is just a misconception. According to Reham, behind the suave and liberal persona, Khan is as much a religious bigot as any other product of Pakistani educational system.

Reham Khan, in her recently penned article claimed that apart from making extremely offensive and demeaning remarks about Hindus and other religious in private, Khan also holds a superiority of being a fare skinned Afghan origin man and abhors even dark skinned Pakistanis.

Reham Khan in her article says that her children were not used to such language, and when Imran realised that all these disturb her, he started using it to mentally torture her. She further went on to say that leaders of Imran’s party Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaaf using curse words against Hindus and other non-Muslim communities doesn’t surprise her.

“So, I am not in the least bit surprised when I hear his ministers routinely make identical remarks in public about Hindus or film stars. The direct calls made to Imran to remove these racist, bigoted loudmouths make me smile”, she says, emphasising how his partymen reflect his views only.

Ever since breaking her ties with Imran, Reham has emerged as a bitter critic of the Pakistani Primer. In a book last year, she accused Imran Khan of being womaniser, drug addict and corrupt.