In 22 years, First Sanskrit Movie ready for release which is also the 3rd in the world

Priya Manasam

After 22 years, the 1st Sanskrit movie is being released which is also only the third Sanskrit movie ever made in the world.’Priya Manasam’ producer cites language of Ayurveda as inspiration. Sanskrit, rarely spoken in India today, is the ancestor of many languages, including Hindi and Bengali. The date of this 1 crore budget movie release is not yet fixed.

The movie is about an ancient Sanskrit scholar and poet who penned a romantic artwork in the ‘Kathakali’ dance form with an intention to present before a global audience.

An Indian Ayurvedic enthusiast,Baby Mathew Somatheeram took the initiative to produce ‘Priya Manasam’ because he says the traditional language is used in many Ayurvedic scriptures.

There is also a plan to release the movie to an international audience with subtitles in German, Spanish, English and a few other international languages used by the tourists visiting Kerala for Ayurveda treatment.”

Rajesh Hebbar, a familiar name for the Malayalam television serial and film industry is playing the lead role. A number of ‘Kathakali’ artists also appear in the movie.