In his reaction to allegations, Vinod Dua criticizes and mocks #MeToo campaign

Days after being accused of sexual harassment or “troubling” as likes to put it across, Vinod Dua addressed the allegations that have been levelled against him as part of the #MeToo campaign. Speaking at the Wire podcast, Jan Gan Man Ki Baat, which is hosted by him, Dua slammed the very #MeToo campaign as a “trivial” in an election year and and a distraction to what he calls real issues. Ironically Dua’s daughter, Mallika Dua has on multiple occasions expressed her support for the movement.

“With elections closing in, the questions that should be asked have been relegated to the background. Neither the sarkari media nor darbari media are asking these questions, newspapers aren’t asking them either. What is being debated upon is who, how many years ago, sexually harassed whom. A Union minister has also been named…  and there has been some muck thrown at me too… I will mention this too,” Dua said.

“Some dirt has been flung at me. Not of sexual harassment but troubling,” Dua added, according to the report. “Thirty years ago some woman felt that I did something that troubled her. These allegations can be levelled against anyone, whether it be a pope, a judge, a lawyer, a priest, an innocent man or a doctor. The person who has been accused has no option but to deny these allegations.”

He rubbished the allegations against him as “fragment of imagination” and also informed that he is pulling his podcast down for a week to allow The Wire, to conduct a probe into the matter. According to Firstpost, The Wire, took down the podcast hours after it was uploaded and then re-uploaded it again after editing out the part where Dua criticized and mocked the #MeToo campaign.

In a facebook post on October 14th, filmmaker and former journalist, Nishtha Jain accused Vinod Dua of troubling, sexually harassing and stalking. After this, Dua’s daughter, Mallika Dua came out to issue a statement in which she made it clear that despite being a supporter of the #MeToo campaign, she will stand by her father on this occasion.