In tri-force joint press conference, Air Vice Marshall reveals that Pakistan airforce targeted Indian military installations

In a joint tri-forces press conference on Thursday evening, Air Vice Marshall, RGK Kapoor revealed that Pakistani Airforce attempted to target the military facilities of India. The Air Vice Marshall said that Pakistani jets had dropped bombs on the Military installations of India. However due to swift reaction from the Indian side, Pakistani jets missed their target and the bombs fell on the campus of Indian military installation, causing no serious damage.

The statement by the Air Vice Marshall refutes Pakistan’s claim that they did not intend to target Indian military facilities and dropped bombs in empty space. RGK Kapoor also said that F16 fighter jets were involved in Pakistan’s mission against India. It may be recalled that USA had given the fighter jets to Pakistan on the condition that they would not be used in an offensive manner against India.

“There is enough evidence to show that F-16s were used in this mission through their electronic signatures,” the air force officer said. “Parts of AMRAAM, air to air missile which is carried only on the Pakistani F-16s, were recovered east of Rajouri within the Indian territory.” later after the press conference, parts of AMRAAM missile were displayed to the media.

When asked about the Balakot mission in which Indian Airforce targeted the terrorist training camps, RGK Kapoor said that India has inflicted the sort of damage it had intended to and that there is evidence to back it up, but the decision of displaying them is with the government.

Asked on whether India would try to de-escalate the tensions from hereafter, Major General Surendra Singh Mahal said that it is upto the government. However made it clear that would keep hitting the terrorist camps on both sides of the border saying, “As long as Pakistan continues to harbour terrorists, we will continue to target the terror camps.”

Representing the Navy at the Press conference, Rear Admiral DS Gujral also made it clear that they are ready for any misadventure from the Pakistani side. “We are ready for any misadventure by Pakistan and we are ready for resolute action. We want to ensure safety and security of our citizens,” he said.