India fists out China in Boxing.



Last evening it was a historic occasion in Mumbai as the arch rivals , India and China were once again face to face. This time not in a battleground but in a boxing ring. As the Indian pro boxing superstar and WBO Asia Pacific Champion Vijender Singh was set to fight the Oriental Crown champion, Chinese boxer Zulpiker Maimaitiali, in a historical bout in which both the boxers had a chance to become a double crown winner. The political and military tensions at border, between the two nations, added a little more flavor to the already exciting match up. Many known faces attended the event to witness the the epic bout which included, yoga Guru Baba Ramdev and Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan. Many lower card and middle card matches led up to the much awaited main event bout. The crowd was all out behind their countryman, Vijender Singh. The crowd was already very much against Zulpiker, and his continuous low blows to Vijender despite warnings from the refree enraged the crowd even more as they were chanting “Cheater Cheater”  for Zulpiker. The bout lasted for 10 rounds without a decision, as the referees went to judges for decision. The judges called the match unanimously in favor of Vijender, with points of 96-93 95-94 95-94. The match was a close one, and taking the decision for judges was not easy as the points also suggest, but at the end it was the Indian who emerged victorious and became the double crown winner with two title belts under his waist.



The undefeated Vijender after the remarked that this was toughest match for him yet in his professional career. Vijender said that he wants good relations between both the nations, but he also warned China to not come near our borders. After the match the likes of Amitabh Bachchan and Baba Ramdev congratulated, Vijender for becoming a double crown winner. Vijender said now his eyes are on an even bigger championship, for which he will challenge very soon.