Read this Open Letter by Proud Bhakt exposing Intolerance over last 65 years…..

If someone perceives me to be a Bakth, I would refrain them from to make such an unmindful statement and clarify to them that I am not just a Bhakt but a Proud Bhakt. This cannot be just restricted to me but many young Indians are shedding their image of a perceived pseudo intellectual and it has taken nearly six decades years since independence to overcome this unnatural behaviour.

Let us take a small example, the so called intolerance protests staged by Congress and their faithful lapdogs seem to have vanished into thin air ever since the victory of Mahagathbandhan in 2015 Bihar assembly elections which clearly indicates that India as a Nation was being hyperventilated with manufactured intolerance for the past couple of months. Does anyone really care as to whether justice has been served to Akhlaq’s family in Dadri or did anyone care about the failure law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh ? Was the price of intolerance in India four flats in Noida plus 10 lakhs in compensation with an asstounding mandate to a Corrupt Fodder case indicted criminal in Bihar ? Seems very unreasonable to me !!!

Ever since the time of Jawaharlal Nehru, his Dynastic rule has created an aura of uneasiness to the majority community of Hindus in India, accusing them of being unreasonably insensitive to the minorities and this message has been deep drilled down into our minds generations after generations. Let us take a simple example, the death of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi can truly be considered as one of the most brutal attack on an Indian leader irrespective of any amount of justification that can be given for the same. But this attack was closely followed by the planned execution of Sikhs all over India and death toll of this Anti-Sikh riot in 1984 was nearly 2800 in India with 2100 alone in Delhi. At this moment of grief the entire Congress went behind Rajiv Gandhi to make him the next Prime Minister who was brutal enough to say that “When a big tree falls, the earth shakes” clearly showing his emotional instability as a SON of Indira rather than being the PM of India. Three decades have passed and still the accused are brazenly walking this soil while our Sikh brothers/sisters, who are still considered the most patriotic sons and daughters of this soil, are denied justice.

Internationally, pseudo Indian intellectuals have the audacity to accuse Hindu Nationalism and Hindutva as the factors contributing for the rise of intolerance in India, while ISIS has been ensuring the European Union pays its price for allowing Syrian refugees to enter into its group of Nations with open arms.  Can we as a Nation get anymore hypocritical than this ? Intellectuals, Pseudo social activists and Bollywood stars are shedding crocodile tears for the death of terrorists like Yakub Memon and Afzal Guru who have waged a war against this Nation but the same groups failed to pay condolences to Swami Dayananda Saraswati, the Man who took Vedanta to the masses.

This is probably is one of the many reasons why as a country should strongly be behind our Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is shaking up things for such Anti-National groups in India. The fact he celebrates Hindu festivals like Diwali with our Jawans, pays homage to Seers and Gurus irrespective of how critical the Media reacts, his RSS training has aided him to cherish our Cultural History of Ramayana/Mahabharatha and the way he respects the Hindu way of life is sending shock wave across pseudo intellectuals who have spent decades in diving the unity of Indians.

Clearly India has been an intolerant Nation all this while but now with a bleak ray of hope, our country can rise beyond such perceptions to achieve its lost place in History.