India lose Rs. 1.5 crores per hour because of Congress- Full Video

Source: Aalok Pradhan

What India will lose if these Sonia-Rahul Maa Beta corrupt gang disrupt Parliamentary session every day…do you have any idea?

Court summon the FAKE Gandhi family for National Herald scam and instead of responding directly to the honorable court these rats are going to respond in Parliament, Why?

Parliament runs for eighty days during sessions. Each day, business in both Houses ( Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha ) are transacted for around six hours. If we take into account the total annual expenditure on Parliament, then for each minute of running the House costs Rs. 2.5 lakh.


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That means whenever ‪#‎Congress‬ disrupts Parliamentary session India will lose Rs.1.5 crores per hour or you can say Rs.9 crores in 6 hrs.

Who is going to pay that loss? What People of India did? why putting obstacles in the progress of India?