A Moment of Appreciation for the Silent Work of the India Post

India Post Logo
India Post Logo

At the time of announcement of demonetisation itself, PM Modi had mentioned that notes could be exchanged; & savings deposited in banks and Post Offices. Since time immemorial, India Post has provided Financial Services to citizens, especially in the remote areas with no access to banking facility. While bank employees are getting their share of attention for a variety of reasons, the heroes of the India Post have largely remained unsung.

We are still in the aftermath phase of demonetisation. Many have faced difficulty because of it. Despite this, there is tremendous support for the move. People are hailing the Prime Minister for this; widely calling it a surgical strike on Black Money. Citizens also appreciate the patience and dedication of the bank employees.

Today, after 20 days, the Long queues outside the banks and ATMs have dried up. Despite the cash crunch in the market, civil life has returned to normal. The India Post Department is silently helping the nation, but receiving less to no appreciation. They are doing their jobs with complete honesty.

Here are a few tweets where the India Post Department informed about this from their official Twitter handle:

India Post also gave doorstep service for exchange of cash:

They had also set up mobile Post Offices vans for cash exchange for the aged:

Some Twitter users picked it up and started circulating the news:

While banks are providing cash exchange and deposits to those who are queuing up for long hours; India Post, on the contrary, is reaching out to those who need financial services, but are not in a position to move around. These people are incapable of visiting banks or standing in queues for long hours, poor and the aged.

We laud this effort by the India Post. It is the duty of every citizen to thank them for this silent service to the nation.