India-Bangladesh Container Train Trial Begins Today, Read More

In a boost to strategic bilateral ties shared between India and Bangladesh, a freight container train was inaugurated this morning for the first time.

The trial run of the 30 wagon container train began with it carrying 60 containers of soyabean extracts.

The train was inaugurated by Manasi Banerjee from the Container Corporation of India Ltd from Kolkata’s Majerhat station in West Bengal. Other eminent personalities such as Harindra Rao, the General Manager of the Eastern Railway, Kalyan Rama, the CMD of CONCOR were also present at the function.

The trial run, if successful, will lead to improvement of movement between the two countries. Exporters from both countries had been impressing that the launch of a container train will result in safe transit and cost effectiveness combined with significant time reduction. It will also help in streamlining organised traffic and ease out the load on port and land routes.

The container train left for Bangladesh from Majerhat at 09:30 am and ran via Majerhat, Naihati, Ranaghat and Gede in the Indian side. In Bangladesh, the train will cross Darsana and Ishurdi to terminate at Bangabandhu West, 117 km from Dhaka.

India’s transport links with Bangladesh have been established to foster trade and employment. Among other transport links are the Kolkata-Dhaka bus along with an Agartala-Kolkata bus which runs through Dhaka.

In 2008, the Maitree Express between Kolkata and Dhaka was reintroduced 37 years after the Indo Pakistan war in 1971, which resulted in the liberation of Bangladesh. A significant bilateral engagement led to the inauguration of the Bandhan Express in November 2017 which operates between Kolkata and Khulna.