images-picsaySince 2014 when the citizens of India elected Shri. Narendra Modi Ji as the Prime Minister of the great nation Hindustan (India) every citizen from all sections have been talking of Acchedin.

As soon as the new government completed its 100 days then 6 months and then 1 year the opposition party leaders, supporters and the media started questioning the central government on the existance of Acchedin by giving examples of law and order situation  across country, road Conditions, attacks on religious places, deaths of farmers etc.

Now the question arises if all these things have to be taken care by central government then we should reframe our constitution and remove the provision of state government.

However in truth we are in democracy where states are ruled by their respective governments and it’s the job of those governments to look after their people.  As far as the center is concerned it’s primary job is to look towards generating jobs, security on international borders,  empowerment of weaker sections, inflation, connectivity ( through highways, waterways and air), telecommunication, health, strengthening economy etc.

Now on looking at the achievements of our government it will not be wrong to say that our country in on the right track towards Acchedin. Some of the example of initiatives taken by government are

● Towards Healthy Living

  • Swach Bharat Abhiyan

  • Toilet in every house

● Towards country security

  • Purchase list of $40 billion

  • No terror attack in country  (excludind 
     disturbed area)

  • Strong response to cross border


  • Evacuation  of citizens from across


● Towards empowerment of women

  • Beti Bachao Beti Padao

● Towards helping citizens

  • Connecting with citizens through

social sites

● Towards job generation and economy


  • Make in India


Apart from the above there are a lot more.

Citizens should know Acchedin is not about having subsidies or freebies. Those who keep giving you such things are infact making citizens dependent on themselves rather than allowing you to stand on your own feet. In truth Acchedin is when you yourself become capable of enjoying everything without being dependent on others for subsidies or freebies.

It’s time we understand that in 2014 we chose a human as our Prime Minister and not a Magician. Every great achievement or creativity takes time. What is achieved quickly gets destroyed quickly as foundation takes time to be stronger.