Indian embassy successfully rescues Hyderabadi woman from Oman

A Hyderabadi woman who was stranded in Oman has been rescued and sent back to India with the help of the Indian Embassy.

Narrating her ordeal to ANI, the victim, Shaheen Begum, said, “I was searching for a job in Hyderabad after my husband’s death. An agent Ahmed Pasha approached me and offered me a job of helper in Muscat, Oman. I accepted his offer and he charged Rs 50,000 to send me to Oman.”

Begum said, “In the month of Ramadan this year, the agent sent me to Oman and after going there the local agents of Oman employed me as a housemaid. I refused to work but they forced me to work as a housemaid.”

“After some time, I fell ill and my condition was serious. Seeing this, my employers left me at an office of a local agent in Oman. As my health was not good, I asked the agents there to send me back to India. The agents started demanding me Rs 2 lakh to send me back to India,” she said.

Begum further said, “After a few days the agents allowed me to speak to my mother and I informed my mother about my situation in Oman. My mother then wrote a letter to Dr Jaishankar requesting him to rescue me from Oman. Immediately the Indian Embassy in Oman has come to my rescue. They sent me back to Hyderabad on July 18 and now I am with my family.”

An elated Begum thanked the External Affairs Minister and the Indian Embassy for helping her.