Indian parliamentary panel refuses to hear from minor officials, gives 15 days of further deadline to twitter CEO to appear

Parliamentary panel on information and technology (IT) has given a further 15 days deadline to the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to make appear before the committee and answer their questions regarding the micro-blogging site.

This comes after the Twitter CEO refused to show up before the panel on February 11th, citing “short notice of the hearing” as the reason, despite being given 10 days to travel. Instead of making CEO and a team of top officials available, Twitter sent a team led by Mahima Kaul, Director, Policy for South Asia. But the panel denied to hear anything from the representatives who wield no authority over the policy making decisions, and gave a new deadline for none less than the CEO to appear himself.

The Twitter officials were summoned after several users raised an alarm of political bias against the platform. It was alleged that the site is intentionally censoring those handles that appear to be sympathetic to right wing politics, while giving a free hand to those leaning towards the left. The alleged censoring of political views in crucial times of generally elections, has angered a many.

The parliamentary committee consists of various MPs, officials from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) and is headed by BJP leader Anurag Thakur. After the latest extension in deadline, Dorsey would have to appear for hearing before 25th off February.