Indian Twitterati not happy with Sushma Swaraj’s clarification over Vikas Mishra row

For a better period of the Modi Government’s tenure, Sushma Swaraj has been the favourite Minister of the masses, especially for her prompt actions and responses against complaints made on social media. However now the same people who used to praise Sushma Swaraj till a few days back, now seem to be angry on her and her department; The Ministry of External Affairs.

The reason behind sudden public backlash against Sushma Swaraj is the rustic action taken against Lucknow based regional passport officer Vikas Mishra, based on unfounded allegations made by Mohammad Anas Siddiqui and his wife Tanvi Seth.

The Ministry of External Affairs had earlier transferred the passport officer Vikas Mishra within 24 hours without any investigation after the couple made certain allegations of harassment against him on Twitter. A day later, new passports were issued to the couple. The move didn’t go down well with a large number of people who started protesting against the actions using the hashtags #IStandWithVikasMishra and #ISupportVikasMishra.

Meanwhile amidst all the criticism and online trolling, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj tried to clarify her position about the entire situation. She said that while abroad she was unaware of what was happening back in India.

Though Twitterati didn’t appear to be buying into her clarification. Many raised doubts on how it is possible that Sushma Swaraj was unaware of such a big controversy surrounding her ministry.

A few days back, in a series of tweets the couple alleged that Passport officer Vikas Mishra harassed them for being an inter-religious couple. Tanvi Seth, further said that she was being harassed as the officer questioned her marital status and spoke to her rudely. She also claimed that others in the passport office did not even react to his “rude demeanour.” Meanwhile, her husband stated that he was told to change his religion and take “pheras.”

The curious case of Tanvi Seth, Mohammad Anas Siddiqui and Vikas Mishra

However Mishra had a completely different angle to the incident. ‘I asked Tanvi Seth to get the name ‘Shadia Anas’ endorsed as it was mentioned on her Nikahnama (marriage contract), but she refused. We have to do thorough checks to ensure no person is changing their name to obtain a passport,’ the official, Vikas Mishra.