Indian Twitteratti are angry with Priyanka Chopra’s Quantico

Priyanka Chopra’s glorious launch in Hollywood ‘Quantico’ was thoughtfully planned by the actress and her team, because as she had put it in a proud way – This was no stereotypical role an Indian would be offered. There were shows after shows, that this actress attended and beamed with pride about representing our nation on an international platform with dignity. We all celebrated that but what happened now?

Twitter is now bursting out with anger and despise on the latest episode of Quantico where this very decorated agent Alex Parish, is working on Manhattan attacks and locates a rudraksh on the accused and deduces them to be of Indian origin (Indian Nationalists) out to defame Pakistan.

Some of these replies from Indian Twitteratti were not only cynical but some of the went to the extent of trolling Priyanka’s choice of work and the complete failure of Quantico.

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