India’s contribution in Thailand cave rescue

Very rarely there are instances when the entire world comes in together for a cause. The rescuing of 12 stranded teenage footballers and their coach from a deep cave in Thailand was one such cause. Almost every country came together and made contributions in the rescue operation as per their capacities.

Along with other countries, India also played a very significant role in the entire operation. The whole responsibility of ‘dewatering’ the flooded cave was entirely on an Indian company named ‘Kirloskar Brothers’. A seven member team of Kirloskar reached at the cave on 5th July and since kept working continuously until all the trapped boys and their coach were rescued.

The Indian embassy had specially recommended the Thai authorities to use the expertise of Kirloskar Brothers in dewatering works. The team had to face various challenges in their work because of constant rain but they didn’t stop until the last of the trapped boys was rescued.

“Our work was to remove water from the cave, which has sharp 90° turns. The incessant rainfall posed a huge problem as the water level just couldn’t recede. The generator-based power supply was erratic. So, we had to use smaller pumps,” Prasad Kulkarni, who is the production design head at Kirloskar, told Mumbai Mirror.

Kulkarni said rescuers faced frustrating challenges. “The cave is in a 20-sq km hill, which was dark and damp. Its topography is such that even scuba divers could not help at times,” said Kulkarni, who has been working at Kirloskar Wadi in Sangli for the last 25 years. The only option in such a scenario was to deploy pumps.

“Reaching the boys was a difficult task. The cave is very narrow and is not a plain terrain. But we managed to pump out the water from the cave.” Shukla, general manager of the department of corporate research and engineering development at Kirloskar, told Mumbai Mirror.