India’s ISRO does it again with the launch of its first space observatory: Know about this achievement

In a few Hours, India Will Becomes Only The Fifth Country To Have An Observatory In Space!

ISRO’s trend of successfully launching Satellites is becoming a habit for good and here we are on the verge of seeing history being made with ISRO all set to launch from Sriharikota spaceport India’s first space observatory, Astrosat that will fly to its orbit 650km from Earth along with Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C30).

Objectives of Astrosat would be to understand high-energy processes in binary systems containing neutron stars and black holes; estimate magnetic fields of neutron stars; study star birth regions and high-energy processes in star systems beyond our galaxy; detect briefly bright X-ray sources in the sky; and perform a limited deep-field survey of the universe in the ultraviolet region.


This also marks first commercial launch of four US nano satellites. PSLV-C30 will also carry Lapan-2, a microsatellite from Indonesia and NLS-14, a nanosatellite from Canada, which will also be used for maritime surveillance.

After the successful launch of Five British Satellites in early July this year and with today’s commercial launch of four US nano satellites space industry is booming for Indian Scientist. Indeed an advent of ‘achche din’.