Innocent Daughter of Nagrota Martyr Major Akshay Girish Kumar Says bye to people waiting to see Majors body

On Tuesday, gunmen disguised as police personnel entered the Indian army camp in Nagrota, threw grenades and fired indiscriminately. Four army men died in the initial engagement. Para commandos were deployed when the terrorists took 16 people hostage, including two women and two children. “The later casualties happened trying to ensure that hostages were rescued unharmed,” said an official, according to reports. Eventually, it was found that among the dead were two army Majors.

Major Akshay Girish Kumar was the son of IAF pilot, Girish Kumar. According to the Indian Express, an alumnus of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Major Kumar, 31, had always been vocal about issues regarding the armed forces, be it OROP or the murder of the family members of Major Sushil Chhikara.

During the last rituals of Major Akshay Girish Kumar his Innocent Child Says bye to her Martyr Father. The video was shot by Tv9 and in the video daughter of Major Akshay Girish Kumar was seen bidding bye to her father without realizing the fact that Major Akshay Girish Kumar is gone forever. This heart melting video only shows the passion our army men display towards mother India leaving their family behind. This innocent didn’t know what had happened to her father and he would never return.