Inshallah my India will be Islamic State: Man claiming to be NSUI General Secretary spews venom against Hindus

A man claiming to be district General secretary of NSUI Jammu and Kashmir allegedly went on an abusive spree on social media regarding the Hindu community and religion. In Screenshots making rounds of the social media, the man named Shokit Ali Shaheen can be seen making derogatory comments about Hindus, Hinduism and Hindutva in a Facebook thread.

“Hindu (the illiterate and dirty religion) only spreading religion pollution in our India…… Inshallah my India will be Islamic State,” “Hindu is terrorist religion on earth,” and “Puri Duniya Hindutwa se paak hai lekin sirf hamary India ko ganda kar rakha hai ap ne (entire world is free of Hindutva, you people have kept only our India polluted),” were some of his comments.

Not only this, in some other comments, his Islamic supremacist views were also vividly apparent. “There are 57 Islamic countries and Islam is shining light….. Quran is guide of science…,” read one comment.

As per the information extracted from the Facebook profile of the alleged General Secretary of NSUI, he hails from Poonch, Jammu and Kashmir and had studied from ‘Degree College Rajouri and went to Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya(JNV). The profile further says that he his current city of residence is Delhi. He self-describes himself as a“Scientific Thinker.”

However it may be noted that the screenshots had been making rounds on the hill station social media from quite sometime. The earliest tweet with screenshots dates back to February atleast.

Soon after the screenshots of the derogatory comments went viral, the profile reportedly disappeared from Facebook. It remains to be seen whether the profile was real or a fake account intended to stoke communal tensions between communities in India.