Inspirational: Gujarati Boy With No Hands Paints Amazing Potraits

The story of Dhaval Khatri is truly the victory of mind over body. When Dhaval was 14 years old, he lost both his hands when he suffered a severe electric shock. Many would go into depression in such a situation. But Dhaval took it as a challenge to show the world that being handicapped can’t deter his dream of living a successful and happy life.

He started to draw when he was still recovering in the hospital. His mother would stick pencil in his bandage. Initially, it was very difficult for him to get a good grip on the pencil, but after months of practice, he improved and became a successful artist. His art has been appreciated all over the world. Besides painting, he can also do web design, play instruments and type on laptop at normal speed.

Here is a video of him showing his talent during TV Show Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega.

We request you to please show your support by buying his art. You can contact him through his website.

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