Inspiring: 600 Women Insured By Success Guru AK Mishra Under Suraksha Bima Yojana This Raksha Bandhan

On Sunday, entire nation commemorated the festival of siblings, Rakshabandhan. Sisters across the country prayed for long lives of their brothers. While the brothers promised to protect their sisters at every point in life. But the most unique and special Rakshabandhan was celebrated by AK Mishra Foundation and Chanakya IAS Academy’s founder, Success Guru AK Mishra. AK Mishra celebrated this Rakhi, with 600 women from his birthplace, Ramgarh and Hazaribagh areas of Jharkhand. These 600 women accepted AK Mishra as their brother by tying Rakhi on his wrist.

On return of the rakhis, AK Mishra’s gift to his new sisters was also very unique in nature. Where most brothers in the country, gift either some item or cash money to their sisters on the occasion of Rakhi. AK Mishra gifted a policy of ‘Pradhanmantri Suraksha Bima Yojana’, to all his 600 sisters for their secured future. On top of this, on behalf of his sisters, AK Mishra will also pay every premium of this insurance policy.

On this occasion, Mishra stated that he believes it is duty of every brother to protect his sister. “After thinking a lot on this subject, a question came to my mind that why not gift insurance policies to the sisters and take full responsibility of it,” he said. He said that they have taken oath of the developing Hazaribagh and Ramgarh areas and the sisters are a part of it. He mentioned that it is the oath of AK Mishra Foundation to make security and self-employment easily accessible to everyone.

Humbled by the love and affection shown to him by his new sisters, AK Mishra said that it pains him to see the condition of his sisters in the land where he was born and brought up. And that is why they have taken the oath of resolving this problem. However he said that this oath can’t be fulfilled in one day and that is why they have urged the locals to come and contribute. He further said that their oath is to spark the fire of change in Hazaribagh and Ramgarh areas and they will achieve this target with the collective contribution from everyone.

This is a wonderful initiative by AK Mishra. In the ancient times, the brothers used to protect their sisters with the might of sword. But now the times have changed, pen bears more than a sword, and in these times there can be no bigger promise of protection for a sister than an insurance. If following the footsteps of AK Mishra, every brother gift insurance policies to their sisters on Rakhi and take full responsibility of its premium payment then it would turn out to be a great strength for women across the country.

The way AK Mishra has used symbolism of Rakhi to start this initiative of Women empowerment, is really commendable. Other prominent personalities, public figures, celebrities and politicians should also come up with similar initiatives for the overall welfare of the society.