Installation decodes India’s past, present and future

New Delhi, Apr 10 (PTI) India’s cultural heritage and ancient mythological stories have been strung together with the country’s modern design innovations, in a unique installation here.

“Chakraview”, conceptualised by India Design Forum (IDF), uses chakras as a metaphor to represent several utopian settings while drawing a connection between the “past”, “present” and “future” of India.

Delhi-based scenographer Sumant Jayakrishnan who was taken on board by IDF to create the installation says, the work represents “Utopia in Design” while portraying “India’s multiple visions of lived consciousness”.

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“The installation uses Chakras as a metaphor to represent myriad utopias through form, colour, structure, sound and film which weaves together India’s cultural heritage, using traditional textiles,” says Jayakrishnan.

The multi-media project showcases a mirrored floor along with Delhi-based graphic designer Hanif Kureshi’s printed text on different fabrics mounted on walls that seek to conserve and digitise the vernacular street typography of India.

The installation is a unique collaboration between curators, designers, artists and thinkers, promoting creativity and innovation in design.

Rajshree Pathy, founder of IDF and curator of ‘Chakraview’, says the installation forms a modern day collaboration between India’s traditional heritage and evolving technology.

“Our vision at IDF is to form a modern day collaboration between India’s traditional heritage and it’s emerging contemporary design through innovation and technology,” she says.

Pathy has worked with designer Rutva Trivedi and design strategist Avinash Kumar to create a mix of audio-visuals and designs that collate significant figures from Indian history.

“Avinash created audio visuals for the piece, in which video footage of significant figures throughout Indian history is collated while Rutva created designs for the project that portrays multiple utopias that India emulates.

“Each in their own way draw upon the rich cultural heritage of the country and effectively place it within the context of modern technology,” says Pathy.

The installation which is being showcased at the ongoing Serendipity Arts Festival here, tends to represent the socio-political fabric that characterises the country.

“The work represents a unique blend of the social, political and religious climates that will always characterise the country. We hope the audience will pause for a while at the abundance of India that is conveyed through this work,” she says.

The installation has also been showcased at the London Design Biennale previously.

Source: PTI