INSULTING Drought Struck Villagers; Officials Waste Tankers of Water to please Siddaramaiah

Karnataka drought image 1

Around 33 crore people in 10 states in the country are facing problems of shortage of water in the country right now. Karnataka is one of these states. The state is suffering from one of the worst water problems due to a very harsh summer. The state has never seen such a severe summer in decades. A large part of the state is suffering under the drought and is facing acute water shortage.

However, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah’s officials did not think before wasting two tankers of water in order to please the chief minister. This happened on the Karnataka Congress CMs visit to the Badagandi village in Bagalkot which is suffering from drought. The incident happened this Monday. The water was wasted in order to make a stretch of road dust free so that the CM may have a pleasant route.


This was done as construction works were being done on the roads leading to the village. This left the roads muddy and the officials of the Karnataka government wanted to make sure that the dust was properly settled. This was very insensitive and a huge waste of water that should have been sent to the village instead to be used for better purposes.

When reporters from The New Indian Express approached the village, the villagers were furious over this act. They criticized the government for wasting two tankers of water for such a useless purpose when people of the village are struggling on a daily basis for every bucket of water. They have to travel to far away areas on a daily basis for a bucket of water. One farmer mentioned that this act was an insult to the villagers.

Karnataka CM, when asked to comment on the incident, said that he will take action on this and ensure this does not happen in the future.