Intellectual Dishonesty on display by Professor who uses Hindu Texts for Conversion

What is the relationship between Purushasookta and Christianity?

How do your correlate Ishavasya Upanishad and Jesus?

Did Hinduism take its birth from Christianity?

What is the relevance and applicability of Samaveda in Christianity?

If you need answers for all these questions from certain ‘Soul Harvesters’ you would better buy them in Amazon India which is selling such third rated, plagiarized content copied directly from ancient Indian texts and trying to convert people by giving a ‘Vedic’ touch through such third class literature.

If you wondered who is authoring these third grade literature, it is one Prof M.M.Ninan – who has written all these texts without any basis, research and with the sole purpose of depicting Christianity as the best religion ever that is existing.

Even after repeated reminders by these correspondent to Amazon India to trash these literature which have no relevance to Christianity, Amazon India is resorting to giving automated replies and still in the ‘investigation’ when prima facie and per se there is substantial proof of having no relevance of such books with Hindu names and reference of Hindu texts as the name of such books kept for sale in Amazon India.

Although the privacy and legal polices of Amazon do not endorse plagiarism
and hurt community sentiments. It is surprising that many books authored by
Prof.M.M.Ninan bearing Hindu names and having no Christian references for
such names or texts are being sold in Amazon India.

Amazon India is providing a ‘market place’ to Prof.MM.Ninan whose sole objective is conversion. Such an act of both Prof.M.M.Ninan and Amazon India is despicable and reprehensible. It is ludicrous to believe that Amazon India can stoop to such levels and defame Hinduism and sacred Hindu texts.

SatyaVijayi has raised a formal complaint with Amazon India to remove the literature authored by Prof.M.M.Ninan –  the Evangelist whose sole objective is to convert people to Christianity. Authoring such Insidious logic and selling it online is an insult to Hindu feelings and sentiments.

You can also convey your displeasure and ask the team to delist all the books authored by Prof M.M.Ninan. Write to Amazon India on:  [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

A concerted effort is needed to root them out from all market places and ensure this third grade, defaming literature does not reach out the general public.