Very Interesting: Person Working in South Block from 25 Years Tells What Changed After 2014 under Modi

Very Interesting: Person Working in South Block from 25 Years Tells What Changed After 2014 under Modi

I am forwarding the most interesting vital information of Narendra Modi, How he works for such a cancerous and worst status of our India. We should be proud for electing Narendra Modi as a Prime minister of India.

Today morning during a 45 minutes travel in the bus, I met a person. While talking to him I came to know that he is working in the South Block, New Delhi for the Central Government . He is working there since last 25 years. When came to know about this fact, I asked him, whether things have changed after 2014 elections. His answer was not indifferent from my Expectations. But after listening some of his points, my reaction was like- “Oh My God…”

He told that previously there was a culture among some Secretary level officers, not to come to office on time. Even after coming, they used to keep their work pending. In case of urgency, there was a culture to sit late in the office. During late sitting, they use to order their dinner from “Hotel Le Meridian” @ ₹1300/- per plate. Though there were hardly 15 people present in the office, yet food used to come for about 30 people. (including for the family members of those so called Secretaries). In the next day morning, there bills of ₹39,000/- for last night dinner use to get passed instantly by the Planning Commission’s Vice Chairman Mr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia.
That was the kind of wastage of public money by these officers during the Congress led U.P.A government.

Now, if someone has to sit late at office, their food comes from their home. Previously there was a habit of spending public money on changing furniture, curtains and furnishing of office. Now, P.M. has instructed that no furniture and curtains would be replaced before 7 years and no furnishing allowed before 11 years.

Now, no file can be kept pending for more than 7 days. Otherwise direct P.M.O. starts enquiries. P.M. takes class to his Ministers at around 6:20 AM whenever necessary. P.M. Modi ji gets up daily before 5 AM and throughout the year he is reaching office before 9:20 AM. Modi ji keeps fast for more than 100 days in a year. During fast he consumes only water.

In planning commission’s canteen, delicious food is now available from ₹ 60 to ₹ 175. Daily at 10:10 AM all attendence sheets are dispatched to Prime Minister Office.

Kaaju- Kishmish Milk culture in Central Government Ministries has now been stopped by our New Prime Minister.

After 2014 elections, Central Government’s revenue has increased by approximately 17%, due to above mentioned measures. Expenses have been curtailed by our Prime Minister.

Thank you India for choosing NARENDRA MODI ji as OUR PRIME MINISTER.

Kindly forward the above message to all your contacts.

नमो भारतम वंदे मातरम

I know the post is long but it’s worth forwarding in the interest of our Nation.
With warm regards and best wishes,
Subhash Mehta

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