Evangelic intolerance: People of the Church attack Khasi sanctum during tribal religious ceremony in Meghalaya calling it a “work of devil”

In yet another incident of Christian aggression over indigenous faiths, people belonging the church recently attacked a holy sanctum belonging to the Khasi tribe Meghalaya.

According to the reports, residents of the Kongthong village were performing their annual religious ceremony at the residence of a local Khasi who follow the indigenous Niam Khasi custom. As the ceremony was in progress, a group of Christian missionaries led by Church elder Sylloklang Majaw barged inside and forbade them from continuing with the rituals. The missionaries deemed the practice of local Khasi customs as work of devil.

When the Khasis continued their ceremony, the enraged group of missionaries who came armed with knifes, vandalied the place, broke the entire set-up for the ceremony and punctured the drum and other items that were used in the ceremony. The Khasis had to forcibly stop their ceremony as they could not continue it in a hostile environment and with a broken arrangement.

The Khasi tribe has been granted the status of ‘Indigenous Religion’ by the Constitution of India. They have all the rights to follow their faith and perform any rituals as per their beliefs. However the growing aggression of church in the region has made it difficult for them to freely profess their faith.

The Khasis have also accused the police of inaction even when their sanctum was being vandalised in broad daylight. Shri. Tui Khongsit, a Khasi activist has claimed that they have video recording of the entire incident and that the same has been attached with their complaint to the police.