What was the involvement of Rajiv Gandhi in Bofors case?

Over three decades after the scam was covered up, Republic TV’s editorial advisor Chitra Subramaniam, who first brought out the Bofors documents in public view, spoke to the person who was heading the National Investigation Department of Sweden, the country where Bofors was based.

Sten Lindstrom, now 71, who has never appeared on a TV interview is the chief investigator who knows all about the case. The chief investigating officer in the Bofors case makes a sensational disclosure, he reveals the alleged role of Rajiv Gandhi in the bofors scam.

The biggest question would be, why make this disclosure now? Is it worth while revealing all the unanswered questions after so many years? Who all from the Gandhi family were involved in this scam? As the skeletons rumble out of the Congress’s closets, we can only wait and watch as to how the Modi Government will deal with this issue.

Earlier, the BJP Government suggested that the case is still open and investigations are on. But will the culprits be brought to Justice? Can we expect some big arrests by the Modi Government before 2019?