Is Arvind Kejriwal the best CM for Delhi? An Excellent Write up with facts and Figures

There are many ways to judge a CM. As per me the most effective way is to judge him on the basis of the significant promises he made. Kejriwal followed a micro campaign strategy and hence he might have made 100s of promises to his voters. Let’s take the example of his top 10 promises and see how has he fared and then judge.
Promise 1 – 8 lakh jobs to youth
Status – Only a handful of job given to people like Ashish Khetan, Ashutosh CNN IBN and 2 AAP party workers per MLA for advertisement. Beyond these not much has happened in the last 1 year (by straight line method atleast 1.6 lakh people must have bene employed by now but not even 0.1% have been employed).
Promise 2 – 15 Lakh CCTV Cameras to be installed in Delhi
Status – I doubt if even 1500 Cameras have been installed
Promise 3 – 500 colleges and hundreds of schools
Status – Not much here too, i doubt if work has started on construction of any 1 school. Infact they opposed land bill so it is strange how they would get land to build schools in the 1st place
Promise 4 – Lokpal to be passed after enacting Lokpal Bill
Status – Kejriwal knew well (that was the 1st excuse when he resigned as CM after 49 days) that Lokpal cannot be passed in Delhi as it falls under jurisdiction of  Centre yet he kept asking for votes and for full majority so that he could pas sit and implement it.
Promise 5 – Free Wifi to Delhites
Status – No work started even here as well. Although a few months after making this promise, Kejriwal’s party clarified that Free wifi meant, free wifi only for 30 minutes a day and no access to Facebook, Whatsapp and other Social sites. Although Centre has also planned to make 50 cities as Wifi zone so even if it happens, it would not be Kejriwal’s credit
Promise 6 – Remove Corruption in Delhi
Status – There is no data to indicate that corruption has fallen. The corruption helpline is unreliable. Infact Kejriwal hasn’t even paid salary for women helpline so difficult to say his action on this front. Although survey done by some newspapers show that more than 70% people believe Corruption has NOT fallen under Kejriwal’s regime
Promise 7 – Free Water and access of water to Inaccessible places
Status – This is infra related work so i would wait till 2020 for him to show any serious progress
Promise 8 – Cheap electricity
Status – Kejriwal has fulfilled this promise from a point of view as people below 200 units consuming have to pay slightly lesser bill. However the huge cost is being paid as subsidy which would have been used for some other productive work. So not really a good promise to fulfill as his original claim was to reduce bill by reducing corruption of power companies not by circling loop of subsidies
Promise 9 – Reduce Petrol Diesel prices and VAT
Status – VAT has been actually Increased. So  when the rest of the country is enjoying fruits of lowered petrol/diesel prices, Delhites are getting a return gift for voting Kejriwal by paying slightly higher than they would have due to increased VAT.
Others – Salary of MLAs increased by 400%. VIPs and MLAs got odd-even cars to beat odd-even rule. Massive spends on advertisement so much that even Media in places like Assam and Kerala local are showing Kejriwal ads. Kejriwal is seen in Dadri, Hyderabad, Bangalore, basically everywhere where he DOES NOT belong to and rarely seen doing his job as a CM. Yes not to forget he timely reviews every movie before release for ‘aam aadmi’. Abusing Modi and BJP for any failure, confrontation with MCD.
I am not a Delhite but this is what I could come up with. Since I am not from Delhi, i won’t judge if Kejriwal is a good CM. I leave it to Delhites to rate him.
–Suyash Bharadwaj